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HuiZhou Precise metal Products Co.,Ltd. was established on September 26, 2002. Is a precision metal stamping processing and production-oriented enterprises, the main development design: battery-linked nickel chips, battery pack charging mother chip, battery pack charging terminals, thermal hardware, contact shrapnel, power positive and negative shrapnel, battery pack connections, contact hardware and so on. The company plant area of 10000 square meters, strong technical force, perfect equipment, actively absorb domestic and foreign experience, with from parts design, product design, metal stamping continuous mold development, accessories production, focusing on meeting customer needs, and with customer research and development professional and technical team. Among them, professional design backbone and technical personnel up to 25 people, production operators 80 people. We have new advanced precision production equipment and quality inspection equipment, with a complete product production process, equipment.

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HuiZhou Precise metal Products Co.,Ltd.

Metal stamping processing

Not all stamping processes can meet the market demand
Not all artifacts can be customized
Stamping process determines the quality of the workpiece

  • The die design
  • Plate selection
  • Cold stamping
  • Precise metal
    Metal stamping processing.

  • 24 processes behind the grinding, is a quality and rest assured.

    The balance between cost and quality,

    Pursuit of excellence in cost performance.

    Complex materials determine different process orientations,Targeted output《Processing material selection scheme》




    Faster/more efficient/quality/on-time delivery

    • HuiZhou Precise metal Products Co.,Ltd.

      Ten yearsto focus on metal mold design, manufacturing and development.

      With more than 100 people mold production team, professional production team, Well-designed, precision manufacturing, fine service, excellence, Years of customized experience, first-class product technology, quality assurance, efficient and efficient production.

      HuiZhou Precise metal Products Co.,Ltd.

      InsistImplement ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 international standards.

      Raw materials are imported from Japan, Germany and Sweden, with stable performance and a service life of more than 5 years; Have professional heat treatment supporting services, to provide you with accurate and true heat treatment reports, strict quality inspection system and testing equipment, high precision, tolerance of up to -002um, the first in the industry.

      HuiZhou Precise metal Products Co.,Ltd.

      very little moneyStamping productivity is high, saving you money

      Material sampling rationalization, save raw material costs, open the number of holes, stamping production efficiency is high, stamping processing costs savings, mold design costs are free, stamping life up to 300 million times, mold stall cost savings.






    Rooted in the metal processing and manufacturing industry for many years, serving customers throughout Asia.

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